"Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet!"

#WBW2020 will focus on the impact of infant feeding on the environment/climate change and the imperative to protect, promote and support breastfeeding for the health of the planet and its people. The theme is aligned with thematic area 3 in the WBW-SDG 2030 campaign which highlights the links between breastfeeding and the environment/climate change.


The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) applies the warm chain approach of working together across sectors and levels to make common cause with groups working on environmental issues. Together, we need to emphasise the link between breastfeeding and the environment.


Internationella amniningsveckan/World Breastfeeding Week

firas 1-7 augusti varje år på årsdagen av skapandet av Innocentideklarationen.

Nordiska amningsveckan

som firas i Sverige, infaller v 42 varje år.