WABA Global Day Of Parents 2024 Statement: Att täppa till gapet -amningsstöd för alla

for Global Day of Parents 2024

Breastfeeding can act as an equaliser in our society and efforts must be made to ensure everyone has access to breastfeeding support and opportunities. It is essential that no-one is left behind especially vulnerable mothers who may need additional support to reduce breastfeeding inequalities.

#WBW2024 will focus on survival, health and wellbeingIt will showcase the need to improve breastfeeding support to reduce inequalities that exist in our society with a special focus on breastfeeding in times of emergencies and crises. 

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Internationella amningsveckan/World Breastfeeding Week

firas 1-7 augusti varje år på årsdagen av skapandet av Innocentideklarationen.

Nordiska amningsveckan

som firas i Sverige, infaller v 42 varje år.