WABA Global Day Of Parents 2023 Statement – Stepping Up Breastfeeding Support For Parents

for Global Day of Parents 2022
Parenting during crisis has been difficult, especially for new parents. Not only do
they have to nurture and protect their infant, new parents need the knowledge and
support to care for their newborn. Breastfeeding provides the best start and increases food security for the family. Breastfeeding also increases the bond between the baby and mother and provides short- and long-term health benefits to both. However, parents’ infant feeding decisions can be easily exploited by the breastmilk substitute (BMS) industry.

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Internationella amniningsveckan/World Breastfeeding Week

firas 1-7 augusti varje år på årsdagen av skapandet av Innocentideklarationen.

Nordiska amningsveckan

som firas i Sverige, infaller v 42 varje år.