Participants in the project

SWEDISH INHERITANCE FUND finances new and developing projects for children, youth and people with disabilities. Two state agencies run the fund, the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency and the Inheritance Fund Commission. Around 400 projects each year are supported by the Swedish Inheritance Fund. In 2012, 477 million Swedish crowns were distributed.

SENSUS STUDY ASSOCIATION offers meeting places for teaching, experiences and fellow ship and has a wide array of courses and programmes across the country. Also, 30,000 cultural programmes are offered each year. Sensus is a study association that focuses on life issues, diversity and global issues.

AMNINGSHJÄLPEN – THE SWEDISH NURSING MOTHER'S SUPPORT GROUP is a religiously and politically impartial volunteer organization that gives parents support and advice regarding breastfeeding issues. Through county and local groups, boards, offices, the newspaper Amningsnytt, Facebook and its homepage, Amningshjälpen offers information about breastfeeding, follows the societal debate about it and responds to prejudice and myths about breastfeeding. Amningshjälpen was started in 1973 and has around 110 active breastfeeding counsellors, so-called hjälpmammor, from the county of Skåne in the south to Norrbotten in the north. In 2013, they offered advice 10,000 times.